Free Digital Learning Platform and Course Access: Schools across the United States are turning to digital learning due to the COVID-19 virus. With uncertainty about how long students will be unable to attend school, Onfire Learning is offering their LMS and Content Catalog with courses for grades 6-12 at no cost (FREE) for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year. Implementation is fast and our staff is ready to help. Click here to get started today!
Personalized Learning is the Key to

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Here's What We Do

At Onfire Learning, we use 3 strategic tools to transform education.

  • Image Spark LMS

    Manage Your Data With Ease

    The Spark Learning Management System is a comprehensive, easy to use platform built with administrators, teachers and students in mind. We want our users to be successful, so we made sure to shorten the learning curves and make every action feel as intuitive as possible. As an educator, you depend on your data to keep you informed and on pace - and our system allows you to do so with style.

    Betty Dean
    Oolagah, Middle School
    "As a teacher, when you teach a hundred and fifty kids a day, there is no practical way to manage them without a system like Spark."
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  • Image Blaze PLM

    A Pedagogy That Drives Results

    Onfire is changing the way education is experienced by helping schools transition from traditional teaching models to true personalized learning environments. BLAZE PLM is our core methodology, which teaches everything from the beliefs that drive individualized education, to the tools and structure schools need to adopt to be successful.

    Steele, Mike
    Oolagah, H.S.
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  • Image Fuel CMS

    Online Content That Delivers

    Onfire's educational content is a robust and interactive blend of Core, Elective, CTE, Assessment and Instructional Tools - all packaged up and served on a digital platter. But unlike our competitors, Onfire's content is fully editable, giving teachers the ability to modify, expand or upgrade their courses in real time. True editable content was a must have feature, and our platform makes it easy for teachers to turn courses into tailor made experiences.

    Richelle Marinara
    Oolagah, H.S.
    "Spark allows me to spend time with students who need a little more help in certain areas. It's powerful to watch their faces light up as they grasp concepts and realize they are capable of doing the work."
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History of Learning

Shaping the Future of Education

The traditional model of education has existed in the same format for nearly 200 years. It's time for a change.

As other industries evolve over time, education continues to be stuck behind a centuries old one-size-fits-all methodology. To address the needs of a diverse 21st Century mindset, we believe each student needs to have more input and control over their educational experience-and now, with our unique system, they have the ability to truly become the authors of their own story.

"The idea of personalized learning is you always know yourself where you are on a topic, that you have the sense of what the tasks are, how much there's left to do to achieve certain levels. So there is more personal agency. "
Bill Gates. The Verge

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  • Support & Mentorship!

    Being a teacher is so much bigger than planning lectures and grading papers, it's about helping to prepare students to enter the world with confidence.

    At Onfire, our pedagogy breaks down traditional classroom barriers by infusing a new paradigm into the teacher/student relationship. We believe that when students are embraced by teacher-mentors in a culture they perceive as truly caring about their personal success, they are more likely to "buy-in" and engage with the overall process.

  • True Editable Content

    We know how frustrating it can be to want to add your personal touch to the content you give your students. So, we created a platform that would let you!

    As a teacher, you take pride in knowing what works for your students and it can be frustrating when you are held hostage by content that doesn't cooperate. With Onfire, you can customize and edit content on the fly, giving you full control over how your students experience learning.